How did your day go?


I got this idea from the movie ‘The sixth sense’. Just tell how you would like your ideal or perfect day to go. I’ll go first:

I got up this morning and played a 2 on 2 with Kobe against T-Mac and Lebron, we ended up winning 2 of 3 games. Once I got back home I got a call from my shop saying that my stang is pulling 793hp to the wheels but they haven’t quite tuned the new engine for the turbos yet. He said it would put out an estimated 800-1000hp with the set-up I have now. I change and get in the Ford GT and head downtown to pick out an engagement ring for my girl. I pick out a beautiful one for 2.1 million, after it is custom engraved I will pick it up Saturday. I drive to the location of where I’m having a built clone of Mazda Raceway, but I want the main straight to be long enough for drag, so it going to take a little longer than they said. Now since the sun is setting I will take the S7 and meet a few of my friends at our usual spot. I leave at about 10:00, because I have to be in the lab tomorrow to run more tests on the air to fuel transformation formula. I guess that’s all for today.


i dont think i can top that…

Ideally and realistically

Wake up and find out my 8am class is cancled. So i go back to bed for a couple hours, and wake up and find out ALL my classes are cancled. So i sleep for a couple more hours. Finally i get out of bed and realize its friday afternoon, so my girlfriend, my buds and I start planning for the weekend activities. We’d probably go pick up a couple cases and cook out or whatever. The day would finish off with me passing out in bed with Nicole… what a day


:funnah LOL. Sounds like fun!


Anyone else want to use they’re imagination?


I dont have much of an imagination! Sorry.


I woke up this morning to Gwen Stephani straddling her naked cooter in my face trying to smuther me to death :cool hows that for imagination :dunno


It’s cool don’t worry about it, I’m not getting any responses in the other forum either. :tard


I wake up, find out that school’s canceled, then sleep all day.


well… :smiley: lets see…:

i wake up to the morning sun just barely peeking into the spacious master bedroom. i grab the paper off of the nightstand, reading the business section, which has an article featuring my newly formed software corporation, which has been performing extremely well. i then call the board of directors for a meeting at 2 pm. mind you, its only 6.30 am. i gently wake my wife of 20 years (and going strong :banana ) and ask her of what she would like for breakfast. after she replies with (“what do you think honey…”) she returns to a sleepy state. i grab a cozy robe, and whistle as i walk to the kitchen. as i get ready the kitchen to prepare breakfast, i see the garden and the roses. i walk outside with a pair of scissors and clip a couple of roses for my wife. i return to the kitchen, taking a deep breath of the morning air. as i make breakfast, my two kids start down the stairs. my teenage son, whos birthday is tomorrow, goes to the pantry, and grabs some poptarts, in his usual fashion, and plops himself down at the table. his sister, whos birthday is also tomorrow, takes some of the pancakes that have been steaming for a couple of seconds, places them on the table, and grabs some orange juice. i ask them how their day was yesterday, and responding, “eh, the usual…” i ask them " are you ready for tomorrow?" and they reply affirmatively. since it is friday, they still have to go to school. which leaves the morning to me and my wife. i return to the bedroom, where my wife is reading a book she started last weekend. i ask her how the book is, and she describes how the main character deals with the current issue of how to deal with what the weather has done to his crop. it sounds kind of boring, and i tell her so, and she just smiles. she knows that i have much more pressing issues to deal with, with the company and all. i assure her that everything is going smoothly. and then i lay a tray of food on the bed, along with the roses i clipped. she likes the roses (:D) and we begin to eat our breakfast. we discuss how we thing our day is going to procede, and we also discuss the business. i tell her that microsoft made some offer and whatnot to purchase the business, and i also tell her that i replied to them with a video of me ripping up the letter. :rofl the discussion turns to the birthday of the twins and what we got them for their birthday. i instructed the bank to provide for me, the balance of their respective accounts, as to double them, for the purchase of their own vehicles. the present is though, that the cars have already been purchased :smiley: and that they will receive the keys to the cars when they wake up tomorrow. the bank accounts were to see how they used the money we gave them as for chores and whatnot. i then procede to get ready for the day ahead, and my wife decides to intervene. some time goes by… (hey, there is a couple of hours between 10 and 2, so why not? :D) after sharing some quality time with my wife, i return to getting ready for the meeting with the board of directors. along the way, i call the local ford dealership on the status of production of my car that i wished for them to create. they reply that it is waiting, in the building, for my person to come and drive it off of the premesis. i was in an extremely good mood as i walked into the meeting at the office. as i go through the boring details of the business, my wife calls me, and tells me that she has a surprise for me when i get home. this is a welcome distraction, but also makes me not completely keep my mind on the business details on hand. which is good, because business operation and details and such are more or less, boring and all. at 7 pm, i decide to call it a day, and drive my 1999 ford mustang gt convertible (yes i keep it :cool) to the dealership to take possesion of my new car. i leave my mustang, with 400k miles on it,(3 engines :D, 1 blew up on the private dragstrip), for the first time, drive my own car. i think of taking a detour to the track, even though my wife has a surprise for me at home. i do take the detour, and make a couple of 3.428 second 1/4 mile passes :gears :gears … satisfied, i switch 12 cylinders, and return home, a happy man.

then i wake up… :wtf


I am not reading all that :cool


:rofl :funnah


ok… now that you see some (more) creativity…

lets see some more…


Jesus… that was one long drawn out story with one very very anti-climatic ending. lol


I wake up at 9am to the sun’s warmth coming through my master bedroom windows. I get out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, then go to the large sitting area by the windows and look out to the lake. After finishing my coffee, i jump in my shower, crank the steam vents and the rainfall shower heads and relax for a few minutes. I jump in my Mercedes benz SLR and drive out to my company’s tower in downtown minneapolis. The door man greats me with a hello sir, and i take the elevator to the 55th floor and sit down in my office. I go through my emails, and head to a few meetings. An employee come to me and runs by the design he just finished on autoCAD. I check it off and give him a good job and a hand shake. I jump on my segway, and ride to the elevator, take that down to the lobby, walk out the door, hearing a “have a good night sir” from the door man. I drive home, park my Benz in the garage next to my pre released Shelby Cobra gt500, a turboed 89 stang, a 62 vette, a Brand new z06, and my winter car, 2005 audi S4. I walk into the house, put my swimming suit on, and head out out on my one of my 2 sea doo RXP’s (215 hp supercharged jet skis). I then go inside, cal lmy girlfriend, who comes over for dinner, which is cooked by me. After dinner we sit down in my theatre and watch a movie, then go up to bed, and after alittle while, we head to sleep


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Those were all very good.

Well, I get to work at 8:00am and the formula for turning air into fuel by using diffrent paterns of pulsating light works! We also discovered that we can also make water by slightly moding the pulse rate. I leave at about 1 and Jay-Z hits me on my BlackBerry. He wants me to go thru on my plans for my action CGI movie. I told him "I’m still undecided but the script is complete. I pick up my girl and take her shopping after what seemed like an eternity we head home and get meassages. Paul Walker calls and tells me he’s selling his Skyline. He says it dynos 505 at the wheels but there is still a lot that can be done to it. I ask how much and he says $87,000 I say okay because I could use that for the snowing hills around here in the winter. It will be shipped in about 4 days. Ford wants me to make a limited edition mustang. They said the car must not exceed $50,000, I’m currenty thinking a TT 5.4 dohc V8 or the Excursions V10 with a supercharger. Either way I want at least 550 hp but I like the body of the 99-04 better than the 05’. So I might have to meet with them about that problem. It’s now 9:00 so I’ll go to bed and think about what I want to do to the car.


woohoo, some else besides me doesnt care too much for the new body style…