How do you compassionately tell a supernatural believing person that they are borderline stupid?


Christianity has never “been brought to heel.” True secularists have nothing against religion, they just don’t want religion to control law or society, an idea that I have nothing against.



Have all free thinkers and the religious settled for a Scientific and spiritual God of the Gaps?

Religions are now recognizing evolution as part of their God of the Gaps ideologies. Science also admits to their own God of the multiverse Gaps where their laws break down.

Religions are here to stay, however; so is science. Religions will just have to learn to live with this.

Governments and the secular world, which have to act in a non-believer way, separate of church and state; have also had science cast much doubt about the efficacy of all the gods.

Thanks to all the gods for our Socio-democratic secular legal systems.

A human created ideology is proving itself to be better overall.

Humankind, or our equivalent; is the God of the Gap.

God is best defined as a human being. Do you agree?

We are all driven by our instinct to be the fittest human beings possible. We do so, through laws and rules of conduct which are all man made. God is redundant and remains a drain on the progress of civilization.

We all have the same God of the Gaps. So why are we fighting?


No. For then he would not be God.


Yes he would.

I said, “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;

Strange how you refuse to believe your bible.



Strange how you continue to misuse the Bible, though it shouldn’t surprise me given you clearly do not follow its teachings.


I follow what is good and ignore the rest.

If you thought it’s laws were supreme, you would follow them regardless of what secular law says.

Are you ready to stone unruly children and fornicators?

I did not think so so remember that the better morals and ethics you are forced by law to follow are secular law and not your God’s garbage laws.



So you cherry-pick?

I understand that the laws you refer to were written for the Hebrew people thousands of years ago. Such laws were written that the people might be in right relationship with God. Jesus was the fulfilment of such laws, and therefore such laws do not apply to Christians. And if I may, without wishing disrespect to Jews, I would argue that such laws are redundant for modern Jews also.

Now why on earth would I do that?

I really don’t understand your point. You seem to be suggesting that I am somehow disappointed that our society does not follow OT laws. This is an incorrect assumption. I would also point you to the fact that much of your precious “secular law” was derived from Judeo-Christian ethics.


Yes. Just as your bible tells me to do.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good.

[quote=“owainp, post:48, topic:113134”]
Now why on earth would I do that?[/quote]

Because your God dictates it.



Ummm… that is not a justification for cherry-picking.

No, he doesn’t.

I’m not watching your documentary…


I am not surprised that you do not want to learn anything.

You cannot even read your own bible as shown in our other discussion.

Thanks for doing my work of discrediting your religion.