How do you fell about self-defense?


let me hear your stories…


I straight up would lose a fair fight. As such my views on violence are that it should be completely unacceptable.

Then again I live in the most amazingly safe bubble only once have I been on the receiving end of violence. It wasn’t a fair fight, I was in a vehicle and my aggressor wasnt and no amout of stupidity combined with steel toecaps will win against the ability to drive off.


ok fair enough…


How about You? You for or against punching someone then?


not really… only because i do MMA, Boxing, Wrestling and other things so i kinda always do that stuff…lol


Can I be horribly presumptuous and assume from you name you’re a girl? If so can you explain why half the people on this site seem to think guys should protect girls after all you seem far more capable of looking after me than the other way around


I haven’t really gotten into that many fights, but when I do it’s generally been on equal terms lol. The few times it wasn’t I wasn’t really able to fight against them for reasons so it is what it is. Ofc violence is bad but if someone’s trying to attack you, you should definitely attack them back.


well i guess but the thing is, is that men think they are all and try to be more brave, they don’t know what girls are capable of doing until they really piss off a girl. and yes im a girl…lol




I think dedicated self defense tools should be legal, they act as equalizers. I even support strict concealed carry permits (czech standards, not US standards). (I can provide large amount of details on the topic, but many very safe and peaceful european countries like germany and austria allow self defence weopons).


What is a dedicated self defense weapon? And what’s stopping such a thing from being used offensively? After all if the offender has it and the victim doesn’t it becomes the opposite of an equalizer?


Telescopic baton, mace, key knife.

“And what’s stopping such a thing from being used offensively?” whats stopping me from running you over in my car? Nothing, well except perhaps the risk of the victim also having a similiar tool.

Correct, although being an offender in this circumstance usually carries penalties in the extremes, its a big reason why house burglars in the USA are rarely armed, the charge for it is much much higher then mere theft.


Barriers between the road and pavement… Are you proposing to put up barriers so those who have these weapons are prevented from being in the same location as those that don’t?

I guess the difference between UK and US is that none of us are armed and things like mace are illegal. I’ll let you decide whether the US approach to arming people in self defense is more or less effective than the UK approach :wink:


The most effective means is to keep people out of crime in the first place, and I said Czech approach, not US. If someone wants to murder you ,access to a gun is not going to be the main deciding factor, because you know , cars bombs knifes blunt objects poison and a whole manner of things exist etc. The uk does not suffer from the social or economic problems the US has, and for situations that it does hold similiarties the uk has much stronger mitigating factors, like a functioning social safety net. (Well until the tories kill it off anyway)

And also I live in Ireland. A place that uses an even stricter version of the “U.K.” (Security theatre) approach, if you want to know how well that works with determined people visit “free Derry” were police can’t even exit bullet proof cars without serious threat to themselves and the IRA frequently executes via firearms people who they deem to be drug dealers. On top of that most people who would carry these weapons for illegal offensive purposes already do. Hurls and bats are popular for criminals to use for instance, I’ve personally been beaten up with a hurl like this.

There are many “pro gun states” in the 1st world with liberal fire arms laws that don’t seem to suffer the issues plagueing the USA at all. The Czech Republic, Germany , Austria , Serbia and Switzerland are all countries that have vastly easier firearms acquisitions then the uk. It’s also with noting that the Czech Republic has conceal carry permits and is also one of europes safest countries (there isn’t a connection, the Czech Republic simply lacks the socio economic problems that push people to crime at these scales. Also notably they have been ran by left leaning social democratic governments , a coincidence?)


ok then…


I personally think self defense is a great thing… it is something that can help you get out of a situation that is harming you. self defense is reasonable and at times needed.


I’ve been in a few fights. Only ever been in a serious self defense situation once and I was forced to use violence. I don’t like using violence but as a last resort it is acceptable. If someone tries to mug me I have the right to jab a screwdriver into their leg, if it’s the least deadly option available. If I have a taser in my pocket, I would use that since it’s equally as effective but has smaller chance to cause serious harm/death


that is so true though, I would do the same thing. it would be kind’ve fun to put a screw driver in someone’s leg for self-defense.


Should I be worried XD


Idk maybe just a little…