How do YOU guys say it?


How do y’all say 5.0? I say it five point oh. Everyone I know says it like that, I have seen ppl on tv say it like that as well. Some douche at my g/f’s school was telling her that unless you say “five oh” your saying it wrong. :wtf Pretty sure its five point oh…


I’ve always heard five O here… Like the police…


i say “fifty”

Really, i say five-o


I agree… five oh.


i say fifty times ten to the minus 1 power.

the rest of the time i say five oh :smiley:


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I have come to the conclusion that… :tard

Technically you aren’t saying it wrong if you say five point oh right, i think it sounds better :dunno


i say four point six…single overhead cam, stock…everything…

:dunno :dunno


I say five-0


i’ve said it both ways. usually its 5-oh though. most of my friends that don’t have one, or don’t talk about them much say 5.0 :dunno


i say five point oh b/c optherwise, it could mistaken for police, and 5.0s and police around here arent best buds to say the least


Awesomeness, theres a couple more ppl with points around here


You think five dot oh is out of the question then?




i sometimes use the cubic inches of my car as well

i say 232 (ci) or 3.8 (L) usually.


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You would be the cats pajamas if you walked around saying five dot oh.


i can’t say 5.0 because it’s just a big stinking lie :smiley:


I say 5-oh ho case thats what she is


I say 5 point 0hh


what about cinq de zero?.. french for 5 of zero… i dont know what “point” is in french, dont care to know either…

what about 5 period 0?

what about 5 pixel 0?

what about if no one cares :lol