How in the hell


:wtf did Bacon get over 64,000 in tokens? :dunno


i think he won the almighty ot lottery.


no thats not it he only had 26,663 just this morning and theres 23 hr left till the lottery goes off with around 2000 in it right now , so :dunno


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Thats what Im saying. He must have been playing a crap load of games or something!


I dunno then. He is a moderator… maybe Joe was too busy so he gave Bacon permission to help the mrs out? :think


stole them from all of you


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:wtf You stole what? :dunno


all the games have been reset so we lost all our trophies sot get them wile you can , hit the game room ,would have been nice if we know things like this are going to happen. :dunno we’ve been :owned the sad thing is i’m to tierd to play. :rock


when the games were reset the jackpots stayed so I played the games with the high jackpost like thet driver game and a few others… :owned


Ooooohhh! You little sneak!!!
But, that was pretty smart.


it was just timing


smart man you are


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and being you work at OT, you have all the time in the world. :smiley:


lol and how to spend my tokens…mwahaha


change my title, whats 1k tokens to you? :smiley:


ok I’ll have it changed to “the san fransisco treat”



:laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing
Awww man, that commerical so gets on my nerves! But that was quite funny. Didnt see that coming.


it took me a minute to remember the commercial


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[quote=UncleBacon]ok I’ll have it changed to “the san fransisco treat”


Wow… so you mean you’ll change it so you can be unoriginal like the rest of the unoriginal losers out there?!?

GASP :smiley:


well u know I try hahaha