How in the hell


How did Jan gain [size=6]500[/size] posts on me in a day???
Jan you post entirely tooo much LOL. :wink:


we need to do something quick, i think she’s trying to out whore alice…the outcome cant be good for jan…


Thats alot in one day…my record was like 200 somethin over at MF :dunno


hay V and look at my totals there not even the same my number in my post stoped counting last night some time … When i was talkin to Alice :dunno :dunno


wow…and I thought I use to have a lot of time on my hands :dunno


thats cause only Alice now gets post count in Wonderland :funnah


:owned :funnah


well guess thats ok Alice is still fun to BULL SHIT with :banana :banana She has told me some funny stuff :lol :lol


LOL I think my record for most posts in a day was something like 25. :banana :banana I just don’t have the stamina (or time) some of you guys have.


Hay Intruder you just hang out in Games heheheh :lol :lol


ho,hoe,ho :tard


lol… I havent been on but for about 15 minutes a day for the last week, due to my family being in town… so now its catch up time!!


Ya, I noticed you haven’t been around Verni, I miss you. hug with an ass squeze :woohoo


I missed you too hrnb :hug


HOE :lol :lol :lol


You need something else to do with your life T


:fu :fu :fu :fu :fu


You do…how the hell can you post so much on a forum like this?


You know Steed ( and this is to every one who has any more questions ) I like it on here and why does it bother you ??? i wouldnt think it would its JUST the internet ???Unless you dont liike me being here ??? IS THAT IT :dunno :dunno


It’s not that it’s bad to post a lot, but sometimes it gets pretty boreing reading through thoughtless posts to get to the good stuff. When most posts are :lol and :banana it gets old. Post a lot, but have something to say…