How is this possible?

James is ahead of me in Rep??? I just posted an ass shot in the underground and James is ahead of me in rep .Im ashamed of you all end of rant :tongue:

LOL James can be…quite charming. : P

James PMed me a better picture of his arse!:smiley: :wink:

uhhh you guys suck!!!

ha ha thanks to whomever smartass repped me :slight_smile:

well i would of repped you but i got to spread it around first.

ill rep you at another time for that.

Oh well if posting nakey pictures gets you rep I’ll gladly PM any female that wants to see my member. :tongue:

wow James thats quite an offer

and the magnifying glass too??

yeah umm yeah NO

Unnecessary. Is that what you send out with your member pictures? :wink:

and I said PM, bacon… not post. That’d get me banned.

yeah um yeah NO

No what?

don’t want to read about your member

hahaha I believe I’ve had to read about yours though… the feeling of disgust is mutual. lol

no its cool my member is well mine and everyone is a tad bit curious

Can’t say I share your sentiments.

that happens