How long has it been

since someone hugged you in real life?

My last hug was from my Mom on Tuesday before I came home.

Holly and Briony when I tucked them in last night

Last Saturday night from my Niece at her b-day party

This morning right before I left for work…Hugs and kisses from wife and kiddos, oh and the dog licked my cheek, and the cat swatted at my leg

Like 5 minutes ago. :slight_smile: Gotta love hugs from your kiddos.

My daughter hugged me this morning! :slight_smile:

3 mins ago…

Last May when United won the Champions League, manly hugging.

I hugged my wife yesterday. Today we were both running around no time for a hug.


Gotta hug from my kiddo this morning, and will get many more throughout the day.

Goddess just hugged me as she left to run some errands :thumbup

I’m lucky :nod:

Here’s some for you all :smiley31::smiley31::smiley31:

Last night at bedtime… I am on my own at 5 a.m. getting ready for work… so no hugs…

The dog wagged her tail at me though! :slight_smile:
The cat approved of his cleaned litter box too! :smiley:

my last hug was from my kids this morning when i dropped them off at school

About an hour ago… baby cuddles, adult hug last night about 12:30.

February 4th at 7:39 PM

1984 :eek

Scratch the hour ago… I got the boy in my arms now.

I feel violated that Candy just hugged us all

I need a shower

today at work from one of the kids

This morning when I got off work, my mom hugged me

i will give everyone a hug and cope a feel while im at it…who wants to be first

John hugged my head around 3 this morning in his sleep. It was awesome!