How many 5 year olds would it take

to kill you? I’d say I could take on about 5 or 6 five year olds. this post is in the random crazy demented spirit of Peters last post

Hmm, depends whether they were Iraqi, Iranian, Somali and American kids or not who we all know carry guns!:smiley: :wink:

I dunno. last family gathering I was in the middle of a 10, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 2 year old bunch and even though I’m not a big guy I managed to hold two of them up while 3 of them were holding onto my legs.

I think I could do the choke slam and take them all down. :tongue:

just pure 5 year olds…no weapons except teeth and nails and bare fists!

I dunno but I’m pretty sure it would take a lot of them…if I hit a 5 year old it would be a 1 hitter quitter

im gonna go with 8 if it’s a life or death situation.

Mmmm I love children, I just can’t eat a whole one, seriously I reckon it would take more than 30 or 40 but that’s only if someone could convince them that they really needed to kill me.

If you were just trying to smother me in kids you’d probably need more than 100 - I’d be fighting back, of course (this also assumes that I have full health).


if i were you i’d say 1 unless you’ve been there believe me i know having 8 grands the youngest turns 1 today and the oldest 10 , i love them with all my heart but they are a hand full at times.:wink: ps the 5 year old is the roughest .:eek this is the look on my wifes face after baby sitting them for a day if i’m not there.:smiley:

Hm, since I hate hyper little children, I’d have a fantastic morale boost. I mean, if they’re mellow and can behave themselves, I generally enjoy their company. But hyper little children are intolerable.

If they were normal American children, and I’d be on a regular level grass field with clear visibility, and all the children were coming at me from one direction (not surrounding or flanking), I’d say that I could take on perhaps 20 children before they’d finally swarm me and eat my brains.

honestly i dont think any of them would kill me. one shot and they would die

id atleast get 30 of them before i ran out of ammo. and then its all fists and it would take a bunch of em

ok you made your point stop with the dumb shit.

whoa calm down. just thought of something witty to say and forgot about the edit function. calm down a tad

It depends on whose kid it is. If it’s family I can take on pretty many. If it’s a strangers…you’ll be asking a different question: how long it will take ME to kill a 5 year old lol. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t really have the patience for just anyones child. The bratty ones esp, get under my skin.

Wonders how the Little ones First sleepover is gonna Go :confused

Lol, Sorry… I know what you mean though, Some parents are great at a lot of kids… Me, I tore my hair Out and always Swore Never again.

Well I really don’t have a problem with young cousins of mine, or when some of them were little. I know how I can handle them, I’ve been around them and I know how they act. Just a typical stanger, I don’t think that I could handle their child. And I can’t tell you how many parents I see out there were it’s basically the child that has a whip on them. If I had to watch those children someone would most likely get their hair pulled out.

It’d have to be at least 50. I mean, they’re 5. You can kick em pretty far.

Well, think about it. One classroom of kindergarteners would have about 20 kids. So you basically can take on an entire school of kindergarteners? Thats insane!

They’re 5! Come on, how big of a wimp do you gotta be to let a few 5 yr olds kick your ass?