How many of you


have never seen the christmas tree at rockafeller center in person??


Ever? or in person?

Ive never seen it in person but have seen it on tv several times. I remember the Coke commercial where the grandpa takes his grandson there and plants a gold pine cone then they come back a month later and the tree is there.


ok i changed it to “in person”


i havent yet but its something that i would like to do


dont remember…


whats rockafeller center? :dunno


nope, never saw it in person.


We go every year, have been since I was a kid.

I’ve also been to Times Square for New Years…ask RecklessTim about that one, me asking to be frisked by the police more than once and standing freezing our asses off!

Rockafeller center and the tree are more beautiful in person than on TV. A must see at least once in your life!


i have never.