How much do you have?


How much music do you have on your computer?

I have 122 hours 21 minutes and 53 seconds worth. 8.96 gigs… and thats after deleting a bunch AND not including what is on my iTunes player.

1858 songs on my windows media player.


Size: 56.9 GB (61,124,774,274 bytes)
Files: 14,525

Thats my music folder


19.3 gb, 5,119 files in my “mp3” folder. I have a couple hundred more spread out other places. BTW, they are ALL legal copy’s that i ripped from my cd’s. Im sure you believe that too


670 MB :tard


4.55 GB of music on my desktop and laptop…

My brother has 23.8 GB on just one of his computers, and more on his laptop.


2,675 files and 12.2 gigs taken up


I don’t much on any of my computers, but I probably have 100s of gigs worth of CDs. They were all burned by my brother and now that I have his car, I had to burn my own. So it’s pretty much doubled now.


i only have like only over 100 songs


Re: RE: How much do you have?

Click Start -> You’ll see a tab at the top right side of the menu that says “My Music” Left click on it, scroll down to “Properties”. It’ll show you how many files you have and how much in MB or GB you have on the harddrive.