How NEw Yorks Rock carclub


o4 ShakeR: cops raided us
o4 ShakeR: because all the ricers
o4 ShakeR: and bikes
o4 ShakeR: were doing burnouts
o4 ShakeR: so we moved down th eblock LOL
o4 ShakeR: and the cars were doing donuts
o4 ShakeR: then the cops blocked off the exits there
o4 ShakeR: cops came towed 2 civics it was soo funny, they were at a light with a truck infront of them and a cop across the street they couldnt see the cop and eveyrone was cherring them on to do burnouts
o4 ShakeR: so they did and got f’ed
o4 ShakeR: then everyone was blocking the enterance you dont come in untill u burn out or you a girl or your ride sucks or w/e lol
o4 ShakeR: and the cops that pulled over the civcs still in the lot, it was insanw
o4 ShakeR: then bikes started doing burnouts it was out of controll
o4 ShakeR: i left in i dont any part of this, so im at micky d’s minding my own business then everyone goes infront of pathmark and does that there!! cops block of the exits and etci wasnt doing anything wrong i was lotterying but big deal ppl werre doing alot worse they all left into NJ, because roco cops cant follow them lol

pictures up soon. tommorrow once i load tem from my phone. bike burnouts. You can see shit its just smoke might not even upload em

PS: my clothes smell like burnt rubber smoke


Damn, sounds like that was pretty fun.


dood it was just out of controll. more info later bed time


Alright, get those pics up as soon as u can :rock


yea, can’t wait 4 pics


sounds like something out of fast and the furious. LOL Sounds like it was alot of fun though. Cant wait for the pics. :slight_smile:


THe bikes off my cellphone. :fu


wish i was in a car club lol


Come on Matt more details hehehehehe :lol :lol :lol


More detials, all that smoke is from 4 bikes that got pulled over, and the blur behind i was ppl i was packed


Re: RE: How NEw Yorks Rock carclub

:lol :lol Really and how many did you have … Can you remember :banana :banana




well i was just wondering Hun those pics are so blury i figured your vision was blury to hehehehehehehehehe :lol :lol


thats not blurry tazzy thats smoke.