How to get motivated?


I have so much to do but as soon as I rest I can’t get back into action. HALP! I need motivation other than “if you don’t act now you’re going to do bad in your exams,” that just doesn’t really cut it.


Put yourself in competition with someone else. Someone you really dislike works best. Then you have an aim, to beat them in whatever you want, e.g. getting a better grade than them.


Promise yourself a treat


If you don’t act now, you’ll do shitty in your exams. Then you’ll have a shot tier entry level job, like retail. You’ll try and tell yourself and other people that it’s fine! You wanted to stay in the area anyway, and I’m a people person, so retail isn’t too bad. Sure, it’s only a 16 hour contract so sometimes I don’t get enough to pay the rent ever since my parents kicked me out, and that means I slide further into the overdraft I have no reasonable way of getting out of in the future. It also means I can’t afford a weekend away, or even a night out. Not to mention I don’t have many friends to go out with anyway. Something about me being a buzz kill when I moan about not having a good job. But really, it’s okay. You say all of this, then trudge home to your one bed flat after a day of being told you’re nothing more than expendable till button pushers, and have a lukewarm shower in the bathroom full of damp that you can’t afford to fix up. Maybe have a tall glass of the cheapest whiskey you can buy, because lord knows Jack Daniels is too expensive, all the while thinking back to the exams that you fucked up, and how maybe if you did well in them you’d be in a nice city, learning a cool degree with student friends and having a good social life instead of sitting in front of a slowly dying, aging laptop, eating a tesco value ready meal, and starting to consider choking down those two bottles of codeine you got for that niggling back pain, down with a full bottle of lidl rum.


I’m probably not the best source of advice considering I’m on YD and not writing an essay right now, but generally if you’re really struggling turn off your wifi, try not to use your computer (maybe even get someone else to stop you), take plenty of breaks and have fun once you’ve finished.

  1. Make a goal. Then make baby steps (objectives) towards that goal.
  2. Inspire your goal. Read books. Find success stories of people who had your goal.
  3. Stick with it until completed.

You want x grades at A* - C and want a particularly good grade at x, so sure, making objectives towards it. Spend each Sunday evening revising x.

Or you know what you want to do in life as a career, so that’s your goal. Make objectives towards it. Try and find work experience or something. Idk.

Either way, work backwards. Find what you want and then go about achieving it. Treading along making goal-by-goal and seeing where it takes you doesn’t really work.

Or go down the threat route and realise that grades are the be-all-and-end-all until at least your 30s unless you have rich parents.

Fail GCSEs, go down to a shit sixth form. Even if you change then it’ll be a little late, so you’ll go to a university whose pure interest is in tuition fee income. Get little support and end up with a Third degree, which is the same thing as going into a coma for 3 years and not doing much at all. Then be like Scott.



The only motivation I ever used was my family. I knew that if I failed, they would fail too. The need to help my parents and siblings kept me going and motivated to work my ass off to create an amazing future for them.

I’m happy to say it worked.


I get motivated by giving myself a goal and setting expectations. It’s worked pretty well for me. For example, I think okay this next math test I am going to strive for “x” mark (I started with 75 percent I think) and then work my ass off for that. Then once you get the results back, see how well you did and if you got it/got higher, then your next test you beat that mark. And you go up and up until you’re at full marks :slight_smile: That’s what I do at least and it works pretty well.


This isn’t motivation but these are some really important things to remember:

  • Considering you’re in the same grade as me (or in the one below), organisation is really really important. I mean vital. I swear to God, every year i was like aw yeh I don’t need organisation and then I get swamped and I have all this work I didn’t do. Set. Yourself. A. Plan. Put your phone away, use a program like cold turkey to lock websites that will distract you. Do not procrastinate. You have a certain amount of hours before the day is over to do your work and the more you do in class/during the week, the less you have on the weekend.

  • Keep your notes up to date. Holy crap I cannot stress this enough. I have left all my note writing a month before my yearly exams and I regret it so so much. It will save you a lot of stress and time if you get them done early.

  • Avoid going out too much during the week. I know doing stuff is important and having a social life is important but I am out of the house 3-4 times a week and it is a damn pain. It isn’t even social - 2 nights of tutoring, one night of tennis training and another night of an astronomy team. It is hard to keep up. Cut back on nights you are out so that you allow yourself enough time to study. It will reward you in the future - less work on the weekends, less stress before exams etc etc. It is a really good motivator: If I do the work now, I don’t have to do as much later and I will be in a better position than everyone else.

  • Do a sport once a week. Exercise is super important. It keeps you healthy and it helps you destress. It allows you to be social and it gives you more options for your future if you are good at it (I’m only 15 and I am able to make $300 dollars out of training little kids at camps)