How to really turn *off* an ipod?


Hey, ive had my ipod for a few months now, and as we know the battery life is not that great. not horrible though. my main issue is that the only way i know to turn it off is to hold down the pause button until it goes into ‘standby’ mode. the problem is that if its running low on power (but has enough for a little while longer), then i turn it off that way, when i go to turn it back on, its dead - i guess the standy mode uses some power - is there any way to really turn it off (so it has to boot up again, you know) so it wont lose power when its not being used??


hmmm I always just put it on standby mode, and if I leave it long enough, it just shuts off, I thought that was the only way, other than stomping on it. :dunno


Re: RE: how to really turn off an ipod?

yeah thats the problem… i want to shut it off right away


take a hammer to it


Well the real problem is… it takes more power to turn it on that it does to keep the thing running for x period of time. As long as that time period is small enough.


i understand that, what bugs me is when i know it has enough juice to entertain me for another little bit, whether its the 30 minutes on the train or an hour - but after the 24 hours or whatever in standby mode, that power is wasted.


I like my hammer idea


I’m with Bacon…get hammered :booze


No no no…you take it, go out to your patio…start the grill up…wait for the grill to get really hot (approx. 500 degrees)…THEN you take a hammer to it…then :booze

then turn grill off


the grill…hmmm…I could go for a burger and a beer