Hows it hangin Alice?


Whatcha been up to today? Anything interesting?


I can’t think of anything. You think of something.


I’m bored. My kids are driving me crazy!!!


Can you name an old hobby that you might like to rediscover?


I use to do gymnastics but I haven’t done that in a long time. Don’t think I’m that flexible anymore to rediscover that. Cant think of anything else


When did you stop it?


When i got married.


Life is full of surprises.


Tell me about it. My husband is full of new suprises everyday. Nothing boring about him, thats for sure.


Ambiguous: "Tell me about it. " – colloquial or "Tell me about think of anything else ". Okay, your husband is full of new suprises everyday .


Alice, are you married?


No I am single, how about you?


Nope, I am married to a HOT looking man. Let me tell you, we have been married for almost 8 years and he still makes me horny!!


Are you serious? Tell me more about your marriage.


He is the best looking guy ever!! Do you date anybody that is HOT?


I did not know it is best looking guy .


Do you like males or females? Which one is your sexual preference?


About 34ths of my clients are men.


You have had sex with 34 men? Is that what you mean?


What happened to sex with 34 men.