Hrmm Holy 05 SHIT!


JPC does it agian…

I found this at

1.58 60 foot
113.5 mph Trap
11.994 ET

Mods are as follows

Bassani X pipe
Axle back Bassani
Underdrive pulleys
Centerforce Clutch
Cyn-R-G Flywheel
Motive 4.56 gears
Bogart D10 rims
M/T Drags
C and L intake and Mass air meter
H and R lowering Springs
Metco Control arms
Diablo sport tune
Car weigh aprox. 3400


Just damn… :o


hell yea. that car is sweet. really gives some 05 owners something to shoot for. :rock


we have one that we are waiting for procharger to release the blower for… i will keep you all posted


Is that Robin Lawrence’s car? I heard he was trying to be the first to have an 05 for NMRA. from what I heard he went out and bought a brand new 6cyl. and tore it apart.


it got out of the hole pretty quick. Did you see all those damn people!


Nice!!! but did you see him shift into second? He needs to work on his suspension. He can cut his ET down if he does.


Sweet car!


WOW thats cool I cant wait for FFW to come to Baytown in April I know im gona be there :banana :banana


bad ass car i want an 05 but will wait a while so i will get a 04 in nov



they keep on doing it!


I was lookign at the new MM&FF at Meijer after work and they had an 05 with a KB SC running 11.5s I believe.

They showed the dyno graph…

Torque shot from 0 to 405 in a matter of about 200 rpm and stayed up there all the way to redline.



damn dizzle :banana


That was fuggin sweet!