AtlanticBlue1999 (3:07:22 PM): im so happy tho
AtlanticBlue1999 (3:07:30 PM): i just ordered my new wheels like 3 seconds ago
revolution8k (3:12:28 PM): what kinda wheelies?
AtlanticBlue1999 (3:12:35 PM): afs black bullits
revolution8k (3:12:39 PM): nice
AtlanticBlue1999 (3:12:39 PM): 17x9 and 17x10.5
revolution8k (3:12:43 PM): damn i hate you.
AtlanticBlue1999 (3:12:48 PM): sumitomo htrz’s
AtlanticBlue1999 (3:12:50 PM): black wheels
AtlanticBlue1999 (3:13:03 PM): 315/35/17 rear and 275/40/17 foront
revolution8k (3:13:11 PM): Goddamn… I need a job.

insert frowning face here

I wanna see pics when those are installed though 99.


they should be on this weekend appx. i ordered today. payment should be through tomorow then shipped out.

either way- as soon as they are in, im taking pics of them :rock


:rock sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :rock

thinks to self… Atlantic needs a new member title


  • oh noes* am i still the game room mod? lol- if you change my title i may lose my mod status /oh noes


lol. U will still be mod, you turd! lol

change it
change it
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[quote=vshayes]lol. U will still be mod, you turd! lol

change it
change it
change it
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change it

Premature Ejaculation II :rofl


but im the master at holding it in and maintaining composure :dunno


Re: RE: hrmph!

Don’t do that it’s good for your prostate to let it go. :smiley:


i ment controling myself and not coming too early, not actually holding it in :tard


Re: RE: hrmph!

HAHA! Dood…honestly… :wtf


who is the first premature ejaculator? is it sourlemon?


cant wait to see pics - i was thinking about getting similar ones at some point.

heres a link to a similar car to ours with those black bullets on it. looks sweet i think


yea thats a darker blue, but with the 35th anniversary badges and the 3" polished tips and my black/blue/polished color scheme- well it will be badass for sure. i cant wait til they are in. shipping from Cali to GA may take a week? so by next week for sure they will be in.


yeah car is true blue, its my color, but i thought it was close enough to get a look at what they will look like


yea, it is 4-5 days ups ground to ship and the payment should go through today 9i ordered yesterday- banks closed) and ship out today/tomorow? so here early next week maybe.


Woo go new wheels,

I just ordered black powder coated side bars for my jeep, time for some off roadin wewt


Black Bullits are teh :gay


no they arent


i agree(w/ atlantic) i think they could look real nice, especially on a blue car like his


they come in friday but im working all day fri, so depending on my work schedule starting saturday determines when i put them on. whenever that is, pics will be up :banana