hell fookin yea! wonder how many tokens that’d cost to play :lol


enough to buy me a crate motor? lmao


HAHAH, that thing is awesome


i saw what looked like a net game but it wouldnt let me play it all the way :frowning:


Nice…looks like fun… :banana

…does it explode when he crashes :tard


thats cool as hell!!


i want one!


:booze I freakin want one of those!!! That would be awesome. I would never leave the bloody house. :booze


What would be really fun would be to play that drunk. :lol

Se how shitty of a driver you really are when you’re wasted. :booze


stop being a pussy, do that in your real car wasted. :lol


Hell, we might as well meet up and both get wasted and do it through NYC or something.



I wonder how much fun that would be heheheheh … kinda like that music video 3 doors down did with Jr and Tony Stewert racing through the streets :lol :lol :lol


Very awsome!! :popcorn


that would be fun and you dont have to worry about dying


kool :dunno