Hurricane Rita


this is worst then the last one it has gone from a cat 3 to a cat 5 with winds already at 165 mph and it’s still growing this may be the biggest one ever, i can’t beleave that ther are people on the news saying ther not leaveing must have Drain Bamage :tard they may want to kiss ther own ass good by get the hell out wile you can don’t be stupid. :dunno God this is a real Monster. :wave


We may actually get something off of this one. We’re on the east side of it this time, unlike with Katrina. My sister is so excited because she loves storms. I, on othe other hand, hate storms and rainy weather. So I’m going to be down for the next week.


just be careful and get out if you need to this storm is no lightweight give yourself enough time to get away, stay safe don’t want to loose any family . :smiley:


I have a question. This hurricane is in Texas right? Well, Im in Arkansas. Do yall think we will be affected? PLease say No!


no feel better. :smiley: from what i see it should go south and west of you.update map now shows it hitting the west side of your state but by then i would think it down to a really bad storm no wheres near what it is now.


gas up now because it’s going back up because of this storm i filled up today for $2.80 a gal the same place a week and a half ago it was $3.33 gal


yeah, gas is gonna friggen suck again… money hungry bishes


I heard gas might double


i know chris i’m heading out right now to fill my 6 cans just in they say this is the biggest ever i really feel for the people down there.


its going to make this weekend tough for me to come home


Its going to be tragic I have heard gas is going to $5.00 so everyone fill em up I am going to buy a couple extra gas cans tonight :dunno


chris i’m sitting on 35gal so you can use some if you need to, damn the winds are up to 212mph now how much bigger can this monster get , i can’t stop thinking about all those poor people man this sucks.


I have friends in Florida vacationing I but all the rain will be fun


About 200 Joes from here are going down to Galveston right now. They were pulling them all in from the field just to send them to Texas. We received flyers today from the housing authority here on post that we may be getting evacuated tomorrow. If so, we’re headed home to GA until they say we are allowed to come back. It’s supposed to hit Lake Charles, LA. pretty hard, and we’re only 40 miles north of there; about 100 miles inland. Ft. Polk/Leesville is also what’s called “The Home of Toledo Bend” which is the biggest lake closest to us. If it was to overflow, it’s going to flood our entire parish, not to mention Sabine county, Texas. We don’t necessarily have to worry about getting heavy wind damage from the hurricane, but if that damn lake overflows, we’re gonna find ourselves in a world of shit. Maybe literally.


i wish the damn thing would just go away. :dunno


It slowed down to a cat 4 :dunno


Yeah, but even Katrina was a cat 3, almost 4 when it hit land, and Rita is a cat 4, almost 5. Not to mention it’s the size of Michigan. This is a HUGE friggin storm.


Re: RE: Hurricane Rita

The last update I saw on FOXNEWS showed the eye swinging right through here? :dunno That was a little bit ago though. :dunno


Re: RE: Hurricane Rita

The last update I saw on FOXNEWS showed the eye swinging right through here? :dunno That was a little bit ago though. :dunno[/quote]

Get a lot of beer and a boat :smiley:


I just seen on the news that a bus that was carrying some elderly people from hurricane rita exploded! It killed 24 people!