Hypothetical: If You Got Cancer


If you got cancer, would you choose to get the treatment? Or are you satisfied and live freely until you passed?


I’d pursue treatment with cannibis, cancer treatment otherwise is vastly expensive and outside my budget


Depends on the state and type. Ie late stage cancer? The only treatment i would want at that stage is powerful pain killers and as comfortable death as possible. But if it was within the realms of treatment with a good survival rate I would take my chances with treatment, apparently ireland is very good for cancer treatment


random guestimation is that if the doctors say there’s >10% I would live with the treatments, then I would go for it even if they were extremely painful.

I’ve won out on worse odds before.


If it was terminal I’d live freely until I passed (obviously)


oh i know exactly what id do


@Chucklenuts we have to cook.