I about had a heart attack!


My 2 yr old is in the bathtub and I go to get him a towel to get him out and in the process I hear a very loud boom! And then I hear all this screaming! So Im running like hell back into the bathroom to find out that he was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and fell backwards and hit the back of his head on the toilet! I about crapped my pants! But he’s okay now. Thank god!



balancing :owned him


ps: good to hear teh little un is doin good :cool


well that sucks. I remember slipping on some ice while running and slamming my head on a manhole cover in the alley once.

frozen steel + hard contact with skull = headache for three days after.

Glad the little guy is all good!


im glad he’s ok.


My father dropped me on my head when i was a kid.


Re: RE: I about had a heart attack!

that explains everything :smiley: glad the lil ones okay though.


HAS to be a kid thing. I did the same thing to my mom when I was a 'lil tike. Except I was standing on the tub leaning over the sink trying to look in the mirror or something (don’t really remember much past stainding up). Slipped, and smacked my noodle on the sink and split my cheek wide open. So there I was in the Emergancy room, naked, with nothing but a blood drenched towel on, waiting to get stiches.

Ahhhh, good times there. Still have the scar. :banana


hardest i ever got hit in the head was when i was playing baseball and took a line drive to the side of the eye. fucking coach ducked and i was behind him catching the balls for him and dint even see it coming. it happend so fast. i was a lucky SOB. if i would of got hit a little to the left it would of hit me right in my eye and could of been blind or dead or if it hit a little to the right it would/could hit me in the temple and i would most likely be dead. broke blood vessels in my eye and my eye was all full of blood and bruised. i even had the engraving of the seams on the side of my eye right where the bone is. thats where i got hit.