I accidently


I am so confused…

do what

hmmm yea wrong crowd to show to really lol

I thinks its fucking brill!

I got frustrated reading it and I’m not even talking to the kid!

No I get it, haha.


Dani, could you please enlighten me? I get the Fresh Prince thing at the end, but aside from that I’m just confused and frustrated! :frowning:

It’s a joke. Likeee… A conversation just fucking around with someone.

But where did the bottle go… oh noes hehe

HAHAHAHA that’s freaking great! I would love to do that to a friend just to piss em off! lol

A semi famous newsreader here had to have a champagne bottle removed…:ninja

and that wasn’t a joke

you did what???!! with the bottle???!
“is a car toy!”:24::24: