I am an idiot! Yeah!


Me and Steed talking on aol, i was bitching about cams to him without knowing it was him.

sp3nis : i might as well got 4k
sp3nis : for a procharger
Steed : you gonna get one wo?
Steed : two
sp3nis : two?
sp3nis : what u mean two
Steed: sorry too…I was reading a T_stang post…go figure I’d write funnah
sp3nis : o ya shit
sp3nis : dammit
sp3nis : steed has one
sp3nis : grrr
Steed: whatcha mean?
Steed: the supercharger?
Steed: you can get one…we’ll both have one
sp3nis : ya
sp3nis : your getting one too
Steed: besides, I’m used to you copying off of me
sp3nis : HAHA
Steed : you are an idiot
Steed : you do realize that
Steed : I AM STEED!!!
sp3nis : …
sp3nis : wow
sp3nis : *beat me…
Steed : you didn’t remember that?
sp3nis : no! i have everyone from all the forms in one folder
sp3nis : n2s, MF, and the registry
sp3nis : i confuse ppl easy
sp3nis : wow all this time i was like damn steed is mad chill wish i had his aim
sp3nis : lol
Steed : well who did oyu think I was?
sp3nis : ? :dunno
Steed : you?
sp3nis : lol
Steed : ok little test
Steed : IBShakin(registry)=04Shakinsteed(MF&JoeHayes.org)
sp3nis: *bang head *band head
Steed : got it now?
sp3nis : You need to put a K&N filter on there first, my man…
sp3nis : GRRR!
sp3nis : it all makes sence!
Steed : haha fugger
sp3nis : i hate you!
Steed : shit, I can’t believe you didn’t get pissed
sp3nis: i was clueless from the start
sp3nis: lmao


Steed goes into another room to change alais


put down the pipe man :cool


who, me or him?


i think me :weneedadsmiliehere:


wow just wow


all hell pass it to me :smiley:


VFast…you’re a loon!


You do know heroin is very addicting, right? :rofl


What the heck am i doing in there :lol :lol :lol


because your loved?



this is what happens to your brain on drugs… lol


Tell me about it!

Hey V…how come Timmah has like 1500 Tokens and I have like 250??

You don’t love me, do you?


sorry… but he worked for those tokens… all night long… :hump


Oh wow Greg actually said something nice about me :wtf