I am craving

red beans and rice! I liked the Zatarain’s stuff until I had some real red beans and rice. I have never made it from scratch before.

Does anyone have any awesome recipes for it?

sounds yummy

a good place to check would be foodnetwork.com

I hadn’t been there. I’ve been looking,and I have absolutely no clue which one is how I want it. The Zatarain’s stuff is so far off…

I dont like beans so Ive never tried red beans and rice but I hear that Popeye’s Chicken has some really good red beans and rice there

I didnt’ know they had that. Huh.

I think I found it, though-

New Orleans-Style Red Beans and Rice Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network




It doesn’t look all that great, but, y’all, it is so awesome!

This is Emeril’s version:

Try Recipezaar - Recipe index with thousands of free recipes aswell. RecipeZaar is maintained by a company that produces Food Network shows.

REAL red beans and rice is definitely not Zatarain’s. So much more flavor and wow.

I am craving for some flesh.

I’d much rather have balck beans and rice. With some fried plantains. I want some Cuban food now…

My mom and dad do black beans and rice- I love it! They picked it up in Puerto Rico, we think. We were trying to figure out where they got it from earlier.

It’s so tasty and so cheap too.

I got some at Oby’s- with cheese and a HUGE chunk of sausage on the side. I was in heaven.

That restaurant is really cool- it’s supposed to be mostly Louisiana type food. The gumbo is pretty good, and they have an alligator tail po’ boy, but I have yet to be brave enough to try it…

I love gator tail. It’s a little chewy but it has a really different flavor. Try it some time.

K the Zatarans one looks decent, but that traditional one just looks like someone threw up on rice. HAHAHAHA it’s probably good, but yea. :wink: