I am one lucky bitch!


I woke up last night FREAKING OUT because I forgot to go to a doctors appt. This isnt JUST ANY doc appt, it was my sheriffs office doc appt (my physical that is required!!) After I realized that I had missed it, I couldnt sleep at all!! I got out of bed and started calling them at 8:30, but no response… Well, I finally got ahold of them and she told me that she was gonna need to talk to MY boss to see if he would still want to hire me since I missed it. :frowning: I was so damn nervous waiting for the phone to ring, but it did and they rescheduled it. YOU HAVE NO idea how happy I am right now!! I was literally freaking out!

:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo


Haha congrats? :banana


i know the feeling!! your lucky you got to reschedule… :rock


As Donald Trump would say “Veronica YOUR FIRED”

Sounds like you got lucky :banana


V the cop. That makes me horny thinking about that :banana


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“communcations officer”


lol. :slight_smile: Believe me, I was worried… I had finals all week long, so I was intirely too busY!!! :frowning: I went and talked to him and he seems to not be mad. So that is good!


good first impression though


yay! You still get to pee in teh cup :smiley:


Sweet. They obviously like you though, so that is cool.


just remember when in doubt show some cleavage


Haha bacon that dude in your sig is peein in her butt :rofl


Ive had a bad day too. I had a job interview yesterday that went REALLY well and I was almost positive that I would have gotten the job. Transferring positions at the same employer. WRONG! They gave it to a person who has only been there like 3 months and I have been there 5 yrs next month! I am soooo mad!! Not to mention I think I lost our gas card. This day has been horrible. Sorry for rambling on, just had to blow off a little steam.


sorry to hear about your bad day. :frowning:

Everything is fine with my end. I already took my drug test weeks ago, so all I needed to do was my physical. I will be busting my ass for the next few weeks to impress them and let them know that I am not that type of person.


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gotta thank boozie for that one…


Dang Verni, first it’s the “sheriffs office doc appt” next it’s forgetting to put hand cuffs on a convicted “communcations offender”. I don’t know if I can sleep at night. checks to make sure my door is locked http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/30913d1eb2a98e14c61fea73f8478b40.gif


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if you only knew how true that was…well I’ll make a new thread about it


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if you only knew how true that was…well I’ll make a new thread about it[/quote]
I just read your unlocked door thread. It was a great story. :laughing


sad part is it was a true story