I am so

freaked out by this:

Play With Spider - Flash 3D - OneMotion.com


OMG OMG why did i click on that…where is the squash button

ewwwwww got the heebie jeebies and I wanna take a shower now!

And you can change the way he moves… drag him around… feed him bugs. EW!

But I’m still playing with it. :eek


that’s pretty cool actually

flash is awesome eh?

If you put bugs up and drag him back away from them he struggles to get to the bug. Too Funny!

Cool, you can drag him by the legs!!!

Oh this is great. Almost as fun as playing with the real thing :smiley:

YouTube - BIG spider - tarantula on my hand

I made him dance like some kinda eight legged freak

It’s kind of fun to drag it and slam it against the sides of the screen.

OMG! how cute is that little spider!!! :smiley: Now I can pretend like I finally have one pf these as a pet :smiley: :smiley:

What does your scroll wheel do? Mine changes the view angle