I chopped 6 inches off my hair today

And it feels great!! I also put some streaks in it. Don’t you just love a new hair do?

put some pics up

Aha, I guess I should take some then.



I look very old I think.

Looks alright.

[quote=“sophiezosia, post: 1085691”]Before:


I look very old I think.[/quote]

no…not old…hawt

you don’t look old

I like it! The color looks really good on you!

Isn’t it freeing to do something so drastic?

so there must be something in the air other than spring to make a few of us chop our hair off. LOL…have fun! looks like a fun style.

I wonder how many of us have done this now?

You should make a “roll call” thread

Now I see where that beautiful girl of yours gets her looks :thumbup

I think it looks great.

Looks good.

looks great

It does look good. But, please don’t get rid of anymore.