I dunno how


… but I chipped a tooth a couple days ago. My gums got all swollen around the tooth and I thought I had a piece of steak or something stuck in there. So I went and flossed and today the swelling didn’t go down. When I finally started feeling around I noticed it didn’t feel right, then I felt the tooth on the other side of my mouth and it felt normal.

So that’s chipped tooth number 5ish for me… and I don’t even know how I did it.

I chipped the corners off my top front two teeth by playing legos when I was younger. I chipped another eating skittles that were frozen and I didn’t know it.

I really need to get my ass to the dentist, but I’m not sure if my insurance is still in effect now that I quit my job.


I did that @ a year ago. I chipped my back bottom tooth and I have health insurance but I am terrified to death of the dentist so I put it off. Dont know what I was thinking by putting it off. Then one night I couldnt sleep because it started hurting so bad. I tried Tylenol, Motrin, Anbesol and nothing worked. It hurt so bad that I had to find a dentist that could take me in right away. Needless to say, my tooth was unsavable. They had to pull it. So I can say I feel for ya.