I finally did it!


Finally got around to selling the Gt vert. I had to take care of a few things with it. I put in new front disks and pads. Replaced the Rubber weather stripping for the Top. New Foglight for the left front. New water pump. I was almost sad to see her go. But the dude who is buying it is going on a 6 month deployment. it’s going to sit in the garage until he comes back he should have a Buttload of money to buy parts for the car.

I am not sure what I will get next. If I get another Mustang it will be a 60s pony car. Theres a bunch of relics at this junkyard I go to.

But I might get a 4x4 wrangler. I want to hit the beach at Nags Head.

Heres a couple of pics to jog ualls mamory bank. :smiley:


sniff, sniff… thats a nice car to let go :gears


o0o sad to see er go, im thinking of selling my jeep but i dunno if i could handle letting her go


Well the car was alright but that year was pretty crappy when it came to stock Hp. specailly with an AODe tran. It really wasn’t worth it to me to put any more money or energy in to it. It has stock rearend gears. The AODe is a horrible transmison. The convertible top had no inner lining so it was fricckin noisy and cold. I got 4,500 for it. I’m just not a vert person I guess.