I give up

Well, I give the fuck up. I haven’t been able to properly read my fucking measurements or cut in a straight goddamn line all afternoon.

I’m fucking up this drywall hardcore… I think I should just friggen stop while I’m ahead. I was kicking ass last night, but today… jesus fucking christ. 9 1/2 means 9 1/2 James it doesn’t mean 9 7/8s you dumbass.

That blows man. Take a few hours to sleep it off, and put a few beers in between you today, and you tomorrow.

You’ll get 'er done. And hey, at least you’re cutting too large, and not too small.

Good luck brother man. Remember, you own the joint. It’ll still be there tomorrow. Don’t let it get to ya. :slight_smile:

I’m sure home inprovements are responsible for more homicides than any thing else.

*Pictures my dad when I was kid putting up wallpaper. “Stay up you CUUUUUNT!!!”

haha well.

my dad came over and put my mind at ease. since he paid for the drywall I figured I’d get bitched out, but nah he was like that’s fine. we’ll cut another piece.

But because I cut off the square edge, that second piece was trashed. Then he cut the third piece. It… fit… like a frikken glove. lol I don’t know how the hell he does it.

I cut one piece too long and one piece that just one corner was too short at an angle. Apparently when I measure 25.5" I cut it to 24". I have no idea how I did it, but I know I measured twice and cut once.

Drywall > me. Doesn’t help when your 80 year old house isn’t square… at all.

But we got it done at least.

Here’s the pieces I’m talking about.

Top left piece above the window; we cut that three times.

On the right side of the window; I cut it once, then twice… then sanded it down to get it to fit snuggly.

Here’s the shower wall we glued on. He accidently drilled all the way through from the otherside and ripped off part of the waterproof coating. He was fairly pissed about that.

He actually gave up golfing to come over tonight. I was surprised. That’s him… he stood up just as i took the picture so he’s in it. haha

For giggling shits… Here’s my new plumbing. Water and drain pipes completed (interior, anyway)

The piece to the far left; toilet. The piece to the far right; cold sink, middle is the hot for the sink.

Man I can’t wait to be able to take showers and shits upstairs.

The plan; pressure test all the water lines. Hang the 2-3 pieces of drywall to finish up, lay the linoleum, install the toilet and counter, finish plumbing connections… then…

USE THE BATHROOM! :slight_smile:

That’s gonna be a nice poo. LOL