I got a new friend


I Box and kickbox… and some martial arts. Well I had to get rid of my heavy bag when we moved into a new place. Celar cealings are too low. So i have been talking about it with my dad recently… and he got me a new toy… a new friend. Its called B.O.B. Torso. Pretty friggen cool. Its a dummy that feels like a real person. Its his body from the waist up, and on the bottom is a hard plastic “jug” that you fill up with either water of sand. And You can make him go 5’6" all the way to a high 6’ +…

I am having such a blast with this new friend. I havent left my house for the entire weekend. And i got a new pair of hand wraps… So now i can spend my entire life in the basement. Not really… but its a blast. I suggest him/ it to anyone who just wants to take out some frusteration.

:rock :banana


haha, Nice to see you made a new friend. Play nice now :smiley:


LOL… I used one of those when I was in taekwondo. :slight_smile: They kick ass. DEFINALLY good to get your fustration out.


What belt did you make it to? My son is a red belt(7 gup).