I got a problem with my PC!


I had a virus and had to wipe the drive. But still get the LLase.exe error
and it will reboot me. This little bugger corrupted my Win. registry files.
Anybody know of a good registry cleaning program thats free. I do have limewire but need some reccomendations.

Also after I fix this I’m going to partition my hardrive and use Linspire.
Anyone use this?


If you wiped the drive and reinstalled the OS how can you have a corrupted registry? Only other problem you could have is a corrupted bios. Also, I’ve never heard of llase.exe


I think it’s a combination of still having some resident spyware bugs in the system which may be causing the corruption in the registry file system.
I’m not on my computer at home so I cant bring up the spyware files that my protection system caught. But when I was on line with Hp support. They said it was caused by a virus. The virus name wasn’t LLase.exe. this is an executable in the H_KEY WIN/32 system.
Does this make sense? I used my system recovery disk so it might have used a previously saved backup of my Win OS. But I don’t recall it prompting me for that option. Alas. I will never use IE again and may just blow windows xp away all together. Seriouslt thinking of using Linspire which uses Linux code. It looks alot like windows but I will have to set some of it up on command line. I belives it I need to set up my .rhost so it will beable use the internet. and .profile for my user setup.

Thanks for the links Joe.


Restore disk won’t catch all virus etc. It’s purpose is to get the operating system files and registry keys back to the way they came. It can’t fix everything. What you need to do is format your hard drive and reinstall windows from scratch.


heres the deal:

when a computer gets a virus, it can get into many places. one of which maybe the directory root. windows, throughout its history as an os/addon (another story :smiley: ) created a space block on the hard drive, upon installation of itself. in this directory, there are spaces for pointers, which point to the location on the hard drive of a file/executable you may wish to access/run. this virus may have filled up a space in this directory, and then in the registry to startup this exe everytime windows starts up.

you can go into the registry to find it. using xp, start-run-type “regedit”

you can then press control-f or use the edit menu and click on find.

type what you are looking for, llase.exe i think you posted, and if it finds any keys ( registry entries are called keys ), delete them, and a message box will showup asking if you are sure. hit yes.

note, if you want to be “safe”, i suggest exporting the registry to a file:

file menu-export-click option at bottom of dialog box “export range” to “all”-type in a filename-save

this way, for any reason, if you delete a key a program needs ( besides the llase.exe program ) you can “rebuild” the registry by importing the saved registry to try again:

file menu-import-locate the saved exported registry file-and click import.

or you can use a third party registry cleaner, of which i cant point you to one that will be suitable for your needs, as i just use the registry editor from windows.


I think you’re talking about an LSSAS exploit virus. I get this one all the time, but Kaspersky Antivirus blocks it every time I get attacked.



I’m using Linspire now.

I have windows xp on my laptop mainly for work cause I need vpn to get in from home. But as sson as I can configure my OS on my Desktop I will proabbly wipe Xp off my lap top too. Tired of having to watch out for Viruses and Spyware. Linux based Operating systems are very stable and secure. Not 100% unhackable but much more diffucult to corrupt.
Plus wiht this version of Linspire you can use Microsoft products because they have an emulator for Windows that you can download plus some good software as well. There