I got a virus


My dumbass friend thought it would be kool to give me a virus it crashed my computer and destroyed my registry i didnt wanna deal with that bs so i restored it to factory settings with some compaq disks i got and it only took 30 mins but i lost like 3 unwatched movies and like 10 awsome movies not to include all my pr0n and free pr0n links and like 5k songs i had omg im gonna kill him


yeah, id kick his ass for sure


Shouldn’t you have an anti-virus program that would prevent that from happening?


lol no im very careful with what i dl and i dont wanna waste the money on anti virus crap + my pc would run relly relly slow its like 5 yrs old


Noooo… first of all you can get around with getting “free” anti-virus protection and second of all you don’t necessarily download a virus. First suggestion for you is to stop using Internet Explorer. And if you’ve already done that, my second suggestion is to kick your friend in the ass for me.


i never use ie never have never will again firefox all the way w00t! and yes hes gonna get smacked around



was the disk wiped during resetting the factory settings? it most likely was, but most of the time, some data can be recovered :booze

unfortunately, most of the time, its not worth the time trying. :dunno


Re: RE: i got a virus

You could have restored the registry from backups… or failing that (dependent on MS License) created a new registry.

Certain viri can infect bootblocks and damage file tables too.
Depending on your OS and filesystem it is possible to restore both of these (through hidden backups). Failing which their are a plethora of utilities that can reconstruct them (with exception of NTFS).

Worst case scenario you can always do a sector scan file recovery. Enabling you to recover your data. Be aware this is at a hardware level and as such very slow (roughly 1MB/s). You can recover contiguous data strings at up to 7 deletions and recover words at 15!

In relation to your lost files… the need of local storage has dimishined with the advent of broardband. Most people have 512Kb or greater bandwidth. 24hour downloading at max capabillity would yield >4GB a day.

All that you have lost can be recovered between bittorrent/p2ptechs/newsgroups/irc/ftp etc… there is no media you cannot get a hold of. Your greatest loss being your music… :cool

Anti-virus programs are essential on any system. These program have morphed over time and include more than just viri definitions. Even the hardened internet user with the safest of working practices can make mistakes (we are all human afterall). If your experiencing a significant performance loss when running an AV prog; look to your system. Are you proc/disk/mem/network intensive ? On all OS’s there are utilities to gauge performance. Only by determing what is wrong can you begin to find a fix.


the pros dont need av :cool


Re: RE: i got a virus

[quote=lemon]the pros dont need av :cool[/quote] :agree ive never gotten a virus before the only reason i fell for this was because a close friend sent it to me. and he is definately getting it today :nuts