I got carded!


Leaving my aunts house I bought cigarettes. He cards me.

I was like “damn it’s been awhile since I’ve been carded” as he was checking it. He told me if I said I didn’t have it he woulda sold them to me anyway, he just likes to randomly ask. lol


Your above the age limit…why is it a big deal?? :dunno


I hardly ever get carded anymore… must me the soprannos style grey stripes down the sides of my head… :rofl


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It’s a hassle for me. I’m standing there holding money in my hand. I don’t carry a wallet, so my license is freely jumbling about my pocket. Then I have to find it, then I have to show it, then they have to feel stupid about asking for it…

I think this whole “you gotta be this age to kill yourself” is retarded when it comes to cigarettes. Kids smoke whether they buy or steal from where ever. Enforcing lawsuits against employees who may happen to sell a pack to an underage kid is retarded. I used to work with 16 year olds who looked 25 and never got carded, I also worked with 16 year olds with fake IDs saying they’re 21 and always got away with it.

It’s a hassle.


I smoked 1 time before, but my friend Tammy smokes like, everday.


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Her lungs must be black dude! lol


Black as a black man in the middle of the night covered in dark chocolate in a black sweat suit with black eyes. :rofl


i get carded all the damn time. LOL!


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Her lungs must be black dude! lol[/quote]

:funnah :rofl

Wow… I should be dead then!!! I smoke like… every 20-30 minutes… :dunno


i normally don’t get carded at home when drinking, but at school everyone cards


I don’t get carded for a lot of things, like when I buy a lottery ticket or my friends some cigarettes (I don’t smoke though)

I bet i’d get carded if I tried to buy booze though. never tried since i’m not old enough yet.