I got fired today


well i got fired from my job today. well not really fired, they ended my temp assignment today. they said my attitude at my job had been going down (and it has…i admit it). it was a sucky ass job anyways. i worked at Ingram Book Company in the maintenance/janitorial department. after the temp rep talked to me, he had me meet him at his office to talk about putting me other places. went there and he had a few places for me after seeing my resume. i gotta go back tomorrow for another appointment with some documents (drivers license, ss card and some other stuff) and take a test for an electronics manufacturing place. he siad i pretty much got the job, just gotta bring that stuff in and take the test. test consists of putting components on a circuit board…easy shit. hopefully everything will be good to go.


good luck man.


thanks! i got everything ready so hopefully i can get over at that one place.


I have a job for you


well i passed the test for the job!! the guy at the temp place said he will call me when they hear back from the place. so HOPEFULLY i will be working again soon.