I got owned today HARDCORE!


Yeah what you see is what you get… Its a story. HEre goes!

I am a Toyota/Ford technician. Well last week i pulled a job. Used car for a 2001 Lexus RX300. Checked it out… wrote down what it needed and today i finally got around to working on it. Put some new tires on it, did an alignment, oil service, transmission flush, coolant service, cabin air filter, rear brake pads and machine rotors. Ok… So after doing it all im out for a test drive.

Pull out and proceed to get on the highway… everything is going well. Then i floor this old girl and stay in the slow lane getting ready for the fast lane… and i reach 60 mph and she just dies on me. All the lights come on and i just coast to a exit. Turn it off and turn it back on… and it just sputters… i look at the fuel gauge and it is almost empty. So i call for more fuel from another good friend tech… maybe the gauge is faulty. Put fuel in it and try again… motor locks up solid.

Call tow truck to get it in. Now that i know the motor is locked up… i have a pretty good idea what it is. I pull the oil pan and there is nothing but sludge in the motor, pull the valve covers … more sludge. I got screwed hardore. It happens on Toyota/Lexus engines for a long time if you dont do youre oil changes every 3-5k miles. They start to sludge up. Its BS… And i got one of them motors. lol.

So now its time to replace a Lexus motor and now i can finally say i blew up a motor… but it wasnt really my fault. lol. Its gonna be EXPENSIVE too.



Yeah Im sure it will be expensive. Just ask Bossman how much it cost to buy a new motor for our Durango. Thank god he knew how to do all the mechanical work cause no telling how much that would have cost too.


so who pays for it, lexus, the dealership or the person who owns the car?


Good question. Oil pan full of metal. Sludge everywhere. Toyota has a campaign about it, so does lexus. Its a used car, so my dealership owns it. Lexus says, if you can show proof of maint. then they will pay. Called the prev. owner and she kept all her records from a local Lexus dealership. So Lexus pays.


I did that to a Dodge Ram when I was a Chrysler tech… it needed a oil pump, and it was warranty. Warranty doesn’t pay shite so I drained about 4 quarts and floored it down the nearest highway. A warranty oil pump job turned into a warranty engine job in less than 20 minutes. :smiley:


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sounds like a good deal then. A honda tech got honda to pay for a new transmission and all the labor on my friends 99 honda accord v6 with 95k on the clock. Something about honda really supports their tranny’s or something


Yeah Toyota stands by their customers as well. 63k on this Lexus. Our entire dealership is pretty good about stuff like that too. If youre a good customer we take care of you.


my mom had a 95 lexus ls400 that the v8 motor locked up. she got a new engine from a salvage yard for 700 bucks


I had to replace the motor in the Durango last year for the very same reason. I could only afford to go with salvaged motor out of a wrecked 2001 Ram that had 34k miles on it. I got it for $1285 pulled. Here are some pics of what the bottom end looked like after the previous owner using Quaker State and not doing service EVERY 3k miles.

The lifter galley:

The pickup screen:

My poor baby all broke down without a motar:
(If you look close, youll see where I punched a hole in the windshield when it locked up on me. That was another $320)

Better oil pressure at idle than it ever had the whole time I owned it (60 lbs. at idle):


Damn, that sucks Casper, but atleast Lexus is paying and you don’t have one pissed off customer. Well, I’m sure they’re not happy but atleast they don’t have to pay.


Nice Bossman, thats great. Thats nothing compaired to what this motor looks like. There is a good 1 and 1/2 inches of metal in the pan. It rev’d to about 60 mph and stayed there then died. lol. Sludge EVERYWHERE. in every hole possible and its nasty.

The story betters itself. So we bought this from a customer on a trade in. Now the dealership owns it… ok. They called Lexus and because some used car dealerships are scum bags and buy wrecked motors and try to have things warranty’d… lol. Lexus wont warranty it… HAHAHAHAHHAA. How sweet is that. Now my dealership has a expensive paper weight. that means they are gonna pay me through the anus to replace the engine.

Bill Dube Toyota = :owned


This ISNT what the bottom end is supposed to look like BTW.



But if you did an oil change before you took it out on the road how could it sludge up? You did change the oil right? Me know understand how it could sludge up right after an oil change. How in the H E double hockey sticks does that happen.


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Sludge doesnt drain. It builds up over time and sticks to everything. all thats drained is the oil that hasnt yet turned into sludge. If you notice the pickup screen, it is stopped up. So even though the oil is clean it cant be picked up and distributed through the oiling system. That means no oil pressure and dry bearings and KLANK!!! Its about the equivelant of trying to breathe while some holds a sock over your face. The quality of the air that youre trying to breathe has nothing to do with the fact that your passage ways are restricted and clean air will do you no good if you cant take it in. Does that make any sense? :dunno


Exactly… Even thought i performed an oil service, i only got the oil that was in there and i only put back oil and it didnt get into the engine very well. The pick-up gets oil into the engine and lubes everything. Except if its restricted… it doesnt lube very well. Sludge happens on MOST engines, because the viscosity is too low and because heat wears away at oil, it heat up real quick and builds up on the oiled parts. Also because of water and sulfer, and other things that come in through gas and gets burned. toyota and Honda will tell you its because you didnt change youre oil. But god knows that its not just the person changing their oil. toyota wont admit, but i know this is the reason. Because they manufactured their heads with very small coolant passages to make their emmissions better, and in doing so didnt get the heads cooled enough and heated up the oil ALOT. And thus creats sludge and messes up peoples motors. So if you dont change youre oil exactly between 3-5k miles. you start getting sludge build-up. NOT good.