I gots to talk some smack!


LOL… Can no one beat muh time for Moonlander??? Birdieman just pointed it out to me and I forgot how long ago I got the gold. Come on people… pull me off my high horse! LOL :banana


Psh…i’ll land…your…moon …i mean…ahhh


HA HA HA HA HA Just when you think you cant beat yourself… I DID!! By a whole second baby!!! WOOTY WOOT NIGGA WHAT!!!


i suck at that game. i always think i have enough fuel to do one more target… i run out right as im about to land on the fueling target :wtf


lol Jdaniel, your a tard! lol. :slight_smile: :rock


a tard that can fly the hell out of a space ship! :banana

I wonder if I can do it drunk? :booze


you could probably do it better drunk LOL

I have a hard time landing it w/o blowing it up! LOL


Yeah. They way I do it is let it come down fast and right at the last minute I hit the up thruster and as soon as I touch, im taking back off.


This is just a copy / paste from you last thread: I stand by my previous statement. :tard

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 2:59 pm Post subject:

Jdaniel wrote:
Got it now. It made sense after Joe fixed it.


After much debate and consideration (and a few attempts), I’ve decided that you are a man of your word, and will thus cease all attempts to proove you wrong.

:o That time is almost as bad as the minesweeper time!! :o

JD ----> :spank <---- Moonlander game


LOL I idnt see that I dont think. So I spanked that game huh?


I like the penguin baseball one :tard

if moonlander was a little less moony and more landering i’d play


NO ONE CAN BEAT ME!!! That game has been :owned