I hate my life sometimes


i danced with a fine asss woman she told me wed dance later, and i saw her as i was waiting for my cab she sounded down i was leaving, id have stayed but i have difficult time getting a cab home… which is irritating because i only live like a mile from the club. The good thing is i got her name and where she was from. I hope i fucking see her again. :frowning:


You should’ve stayed for a bit. It’s only a mile away, walk home, lol.


I should have.:frowning:


You should have gotten her phone number.


Now some other dude might console her… ah well…


I also wasn’t really wearing a jacket either.


They’re are tons of chicks in the world homez. :smiley:


with my luck illl find them far and in between.


Missed oppurtunities happen but when you see one, you never know, just do it! :smiley:


shre said shes danced with me before… I don’t recall but she said she was blonde at the time. which means she remembered me.


Go to bars and not clubs, you will have better luck.


Well you’re one up on me. I can’t dace to save my life :24:


Oh hey, that’s always a good sign :slight_smile: Hopefully you see her again!


I need to ease up on my weekend drinking and just go out to have a good time and meet people. Because I should have gotten her number.




lol what you like it happens to us all we get on with it


Exactly! Well said love, well said.


:24::24: no honnest everyone misses chance’s but there are plenty more fish in the sea


Stop trying to meet girls at the bars. Learn to go out and do something else.


:homo:[quote=“AnitaBeer, post: 1077752”]Stop trying to meet girls at the bars. Learn to go out and do something else.[/quote]