I hate that


I haven’t had my phone on me all day. Well about 2 hours ago I apparently had a call come in. I just noticed it at 7:30 so I called the number.

I asked who it was. Apparently this girls friends started calling numbers. She gave me a last name that sounded VERY familiar. I asked if she went to New Haven High school. Nope. So I asked her if she had a brother that did, she said nope. I know that goddamn name though.

So i looked up the number, noticed the prefix was listed for Arcola, which isn’t in an area that would go to New Haven. Looked up mapquest and noticed that Arcola was an area I drove by last Thursday in the work truck.

But I don’t actually KNOW anyone that lives in that area… I mean my number isn’t that common, and it’s got no repeating digits, so it’s not like you can accidently hit two of the same numbers and end up with my number.

I hate getting wrong numbers, I wonder who the hell had my number before I got it last summer.


Stalk her! :smiley:


someone more popular than you obviously :smiley: :rofl :funnah :rofl :smiley: :lol






Re: RE: I hate that.



Re: RE: I hate that.



:rofl :rofl now that was a good laugh :rofl :rofl


well James is an easy target


I did bring it upon myself. But I had to ask. :fu


Its cool man. I do the same but its usually alcohol induced. :booze :smiley:


hahaha…here’s your sign


Re: RE: I hate that.

Whoooos the redneck now? :rofl


was she calling from a regular phone? if so, go to whitepages.com and do a reverse lookup to see who it is and where they live…then you can stalk them? did the girl sound hot? lol


It was a Centennial wireless cell phone. I said I went to whitepages, brian. lol

and she sounded 15.


i didnt ask for her age ya numbskull, i asked you if she sounded hot…sheesh!!


Saying she sounded 15 was my way of saying - no… she didn’t sound hot. She sounded 15.


did you ask how old she was? hell she could sound young, but be about 25 or so…


I asked if she goes to New Haven, she said no I don’t.

Dude, she fucking sounded 15. That’s all I need to know. lol