I hate waiting!

I’m bored of waiting. Soleil is sleeping on the lounge. We got up this morning at 5:30 to go out in the boat again before heading home. She fell asleep in the vehicle on the way back to the city and is still currently snoozing away. It’s 1pm and she has been asleep since about 11:30am. I’m tired of waiting for her to get up! I want to go out! Is it totally rude to wake a sleeping child? Starts coughing loudly

Not at all. Kids are full of energy!

Except when they get up at the crack of dawn! Haha. This kid used a week’s worth of energy this morning I dare say. Poor Shane. She chased him for ages.

I think I might wake her up soon. Not just because I want to go out of the house and do something, but also because if she sleeps all day she’ll never sleep tonight.

True that about sleeping tonight.

I’d wake her… she’ll catch up on sleep in the evening but prepare yourself for a cranky kid, lol!

She’s always cranky when you wake her forcibly! I don’t want to do it…lol. But maybe we’ll go to a park or something.

I just pick up said child put em in car and go… Is my method has worked for years on my friends girls. :slight_smile:

And when you get where you are going a little bribe gets them outta cranky

We are bus people and there is NO way I am dragging her ass all the way to the bus stop!! Haha. She can walk. Which is why it’s nice to have her not cranky when we go to leave somewhere. I suppose I could bribe her with some nice treat anyway. Hmm…

Ouch that throws a crimp into it… Sorry I got nothing.

I’ll bribe her! It will be okay. I’ll tell her that she can have a gelato or something.

I’m going to wake her in 20 minutes if she’s not up yet.

Maybe she wont be cranky if she knows yall are going to do something fun :slight_smile:

She woke up on her own just as I was going to wake her! So woohoo! Must love that :slight_smile:

Discharging firearms in the house is also good for waking up young children. As well as settling arguments.