I have returned


Shalom folks.
I have decided to return seeing as a lot of the old members are back and of course looking forward to seeing new faces.

P.s its Reckonz


Welcome back to the forums! Hope to see you on a debate soon.

Mind showing us a political compass?


Welcome back!


Welcome back sweetie! How are you? :slight_smile:



Really good thanks, it certainly has been a good year for politics has it not?


hell no


‘Good’ isn’t the word I would use. :joy:

What have you been up to?


Shalom shalom

It’s been a terrific year. Don’t think there’s been a better one for at least quarter century.


Went travelling around Europe went Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia.


Indeed Goyim, tell me how did you celebrate when the god emperor won?


screams internally


That’s awesome, how was it?


Well, apart from rejoicing in song, memes and liberal tears, I did buy myself a celebratory small airport champagne.

Won a good few shekels in a bet as well.

And yourself?


When Chrome shitposts on your thread


Hey dumb goy.



Don’t worry, you’ll soon learn that you can’t greentext on here anymore.



Definitely recommend going to Budapest if your ever go to Hungry.