I have returned


Shilling for Hill I see.


<3 Hilldawg



I know you want to but this is the incorrect thread to describe yourself with memes.




lol that centrism with a slight authoritarian tinge.


The compass is rubbish.


Yeh it shifts some people left, what leanings do you hold politically in that case if you are not a centrist


Right wing my boy.


What kind, do you fall into the alt right and its main factions , simplyfing here but the ethnocentrists and the civic nationalists, are you a run of the mill conservative in america or the uk? Or do you consider yourself apart of the libertarians? That, over generalising covers most of the right wing, with exception to right wing facism,


reckonz is more ‘alt right’ than any of the other groups

he’s also a terrible shitposter


You don’t know me your not god.


he is reckonz, a man of his own


More than a man I’m actually a rabbi.


Are you actually? I have friends in israel, lol


Lol no


he is, i saw his videos on youtube. wears glasses and has a beard, talks about globalism.



Love Hungary. Been to Budapest and hope to go again in the next few years; where did you go?


He probably went to Buda.

then pest.