I have surpassed Lemon


in post count… by two.

Check homepage for the counts. lol wow… it’s 1:30 and I have some cough and sore throat medicine in me.


fuggin flu. I should kick my brothers ass for giving it to me… but if he had stayed home we would have been swamped on monday.




Man… I have this awesome Hydrocodone cough syrup… its the shizz seriously. I dunno if it helps the cough, but you will forget about it for sure. I’d take some right now if I weren’t loaded with Dew and Seven. Kinda better than a Seven and Seven.


yeah my sister in law had this flu last weekend, my brother caught it wednesday and then I caught it Friday when I rode with him for the day.

my weekend went to shit, but i can breathe and taste again. I took some of my sister in laws’ codene medicine, some nyquil and i got some cough drops from the gas station. I swear i’ve drank like 10 glasses of water and hacked up a crazy amount of flem today.


I hate hacking that shit up. Sucks when you have pnuemonia and you have all that shit in your chest but CAN’T hack it up. That pisses me off.


I’m used to it actually. I don’t think it has anything to do with the flu I got, it’s perfectly clear/white like it normally is.

But I sure can breathe better after I get it out of my system.


Sucks. I usually hack shit up in the mornings, but thats from smoking. :tard


Same here. But I have done that long before I ever started smoking.


Not me, and it started kinda recently. Well… recent enogh.


your point si? :dunno

:booze @ si passing lemon’s postage…


both you bishes are tied now


lemons up by two. i could care less about my post count tho. i remeber bacon when he first joined MF. probaqlly with in his first month he was at either over or at almost 1000 posts before they stopped counting.


I just wanted to see hwo long it took for him to see this and whore away to pass me again. lol


Re: RE: I have surpassed Lemon

actually my first month I was quiet over at MF…


Re: RE: I have surpassed Lemon

actually my first month I was quiet over at MF…[/quote]
well then you must of gotten like 1000 posts in a month one time or more cause for a while that was the talk over there.


yeah I blew up around august and then by sept. I was a whoring machine


still are

congrates si… you and lemon look to be at war w/ post count for a while.


Re: RE: I have surpassed Lemon

hydrocodone… isnt that whats in vicodine? i had that stuff when i had my wisdom teeth removed. works goood.