I have the worst boss ever!


I called in sick around 2:30 this morning because my 3 yr old son was sick and I had him a Dr. appt at 10:15. So my boss pages me @ 8:00 and I call her back and she tells me that she needs me to come in because they are short handed and she has called all the other employees and cant find anyone to come in. I told her that Cameron was truly sick and he was going to the Dr and she said, her exact words, “Well, I dont care, I need you to come to work.” :wtf She asked me who would have watched him today anyways if I came to work and I told her he would have gone to daycare but daycare isnt going to let him come being sick. And she said “I hate to sound ugly, but can your husband not watch him?” If I could have strangled her thru the phone, I would have. When other employees call in sick, she never calls them and tells them to get to work regardless of what their reasoning is. She is so cold hearted. She was being very nasty to me on the phone. I think I will go to Human Resources tomorrow and file a grievance on her for that. I got an excuse from the Dr and the daycare policy about sickness.

Sorry, I had to vent a little. When I hung up with her, I was sooo mad that I was in tears.


your boss sounds like an asshole. i don’t have a boss, i’m a lifeguard. perfect job for it’s money, $7.5/hour doing nothing.


what a bitch pardon my french


Go to hr…

that is Bullshit

if it happens again, say Nope I can’t come in

if she keeps talking say, Nice talking to you but I got to go family emergency


I told her that my child was more important than my job and if she tried to write me up, then I refuse to sign it cause I did nothing wrong.


i would punch the whore

pardon my japanese


family comes first…plain and simple cut and dry


that is screwed up. Definally file a form on her!


WTF!?! Indeed. Jeebus.

I would have probably told the bitch to go fuck herself. Heh, but that’s me. Definitely file a grievence. It’s not like you were skipping out on work for nothing. Sheesh, some friggin’ people, eh?


She dont care about anybody or their lives outside of work. All she cares about is that the dept is functioning properly. When I was doing the schedule, I would put people on the days that worked best for them and tried to work around their schedule for their outside lives. She told me she didnt care what people have planned or what was going on in their lives, that I needed to schedule people for how it worked best for the dept. I thought that was pretty rude. So, she goes behind my back while Im on vacation and changes my password in the computer so I cant do the schedule anymore. She doesnt even have the nerve to tell me about it until I stumbled across it one day when I was working on the next months schedule. Now she has everybody working Every weekend when we are suppose to only work every 3rd weekend. Im to the point where I really cant stand the bitch.


sounds like mrsb needs a promotion, and some bitch needs an asskicking… :wtf


My mother was fired from one her jobs because she stayed home to take care of me. Apparently, the fact that I was burning with over 42 degrees Celcius and could not feel a single inch of my body never bothered her boss. Strange, maybe you should try: “I’m sorry, I am currently bleeding out the back of my head because some midget broke into my house through the chimney and whacked me over the head with a sledgehammer which was strangely light enough for him to carry”. Just maybe she will buy that.


People with power tend bully, especially the ones who forget that they used to be lowly grunts themselves…or maybe that’s why they’re such unbearable douchebags.


from her perspective, she must realize that you are one of the best employees she has, and she wanted to do whatever she could to get you into work

that is no excuse though, she is completely in the wrong for not sympathizing with your situation. i would be very very pissed if i called in sick Several hours before work and was harassed to come in.

i have learned from my first job that hating your manager only makes your job more difficult, and that companies nowadays run through them once every 1-3 years.

hopefully you can work things out, but this manager seems like a heartless asshole waiting to be hit by a train


Yeah, I think I have realized that if you ever cross her, then you are done for. Apparently I have pissed her off somehow or another. :dunno
She just keeps pushing me and pushing me, I think she’s trying to push me to the limit that I cant take it anymore and I will step down from my position. WRONG! That aint never gonna happen! Its gonna take alot more than her harrassing me for me to step down and hand my job over to someone else.


report her


My bosses are the same way. We get into it constantly.