I have to go to work on my day off

For a friggin work meeting. I only get one day off this week, and I have to spend it at work

I am taking the boy with me, so I can use him as an excuse to leave early, and NOT have to stay for the staff BBQ afterwards

That’s so unfair! Definitely take him as a way to leave!

i wanna go to a staff BBQ can i come

i know what i’d have told them

:homo:me too…

We do get paid for it, and the boy will do activities with the activities staff, but yeah, I should have just said I had plans:(

You should stay for the staff BBQ. Free meal for you and your boy. I’d do it. You worked for it right? :smiley:

i understand that you dont like it, however as a supervisor it is extremely hard to get everyone’s schedule coornidated to have a meeting that is convient for everyone. good thing about taking your son, thats a good excuse

You’re absolutely right, and our Office Manager won’t even be there. One of the other ladies is bringing her 2 little ones as well

I think I take back what I said… see if you can get two dinners “to go”. You were there, you should get food.

If I know them , the “BBQ” will be sausage sangers on a paper plate:thumbdown

and a shop bought potato salad if we’re lucky:mad

Well, never mind then.

Our church does a BBQ dinner and it’s phenomenal!

Haha. This is funny…you have to go to work on your day off. Guess what…it’s not your day off, if you have to go to work.

argh (eyeroll)

to clarify or rephrase for those who wish to be pedantic…

I have to go into my work premises sans uniform today; not to WORK per se, but to participate in a staff meeting and BBQ.

There…is that better?

Damn sucks, sorry bout that hope yer day got better

Actually…it was good. The food was yummo…and we get paid for being there anyway.
:)Thanks Keight