I have to make some Career decisions soon


wanted to get some outside opinions

ATM I work at Charter Communications
It is a easy job, but the pay is less than great… approx $12 an hour
I can do this job forever and my pay will go up, and I have been told with time I will move up… I’m not bragging but I wouldn’t expect anything less than a promotion in the next two months if they want to keep me.
been working there since june this year
this is a 40 hour a week type of job with some overtime

I have 2 new job offers

A co-worker can get me a job at Country Wide in their HR department and it would be an office job and it would be easy as in no back breaking work, but I would have a lot of responsibilies, ect
I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to move up in this job, or how long that would take.
This job would pay more approx $14-$16, and it would be a 40 hour a week type of job, and if fun/something I like to do could easily be a career type job.

and finally my roomates/friends work at TK Stanely
in essence it is an oil field type job I can get anytime I want and pretty much start when I want
It is the harder type of work, I would always be on the move, I would be walking around all day doing all sorts of stuff
it starts at $10 - $15 but you work 90+ hours a week and even if you start at $10 an hour they do raises a lot and with over time you will make an ass load…
Not kidding around but if I did that job for 2 years straight I would be making 70k+ I could even be making 80k a year provided I do not do anything stupid and get myself hurt/miss work so much I get into to trouble or something like that.
Which shouldn’t be a problem I am very work oriented…

I am definatly going to hold off on the field job til atleast mid jan cause it is cold… but what do you guys think?

while thinking about my options in my head it is getting harder and harder to turn down that TK Stanely job because I am still young (23) and can still do that type of “hard” work and make some money to put into saving for buying a house, a new car, other big purchases… and in 10 years I wouldn’t have that as such an easy option


and here I’m happy at 10/hour.


It’s best to try and find a job you’ll be comfortable with for the long haul. You should be willing to accept less pay now for a greater pay down the road when you plan to move up the ladder so to speak. Whats good today isn’t necessarily good for tomorrow. That oil field job would be great for a single guy wanting to save money for a few years, but long term you’ll probably be better off staying where you are or going for the HR job.


I was talking it over with a friend today and I realized
I won’t be able to do the oil field job forever, but I could easily do the office jobs for as long as I wanted to

and I am single, and I do plan on getting married at some point so even if I could do the field job for 10 years I don’t think 90+ hour a week at a job is going to fly with many women

and I just found out tonight that TK Stanley is going to be moving to a bigger yard in the next few month meaning anyone that is “swamping” (which means working around and sort of training/ learning how to operate X machine) and is good at it, and willing to learn will easily move up to become an operator… and that is some big bucks…
Like $18 an hour with 90+ hours a week to start

and that most of the upper managment is 25ish years old and isn’t afraid to let younger people move up…

I am going to get some books on “how to operate a crane for dummies” ect for other equipment


First, If you do happen to go with TK Stanley, be prepared to dedicate youre entire life to the job. Right now, I work 40 hours plus 20-30 hrs a week in OT. Thats only 60-70 hrs a week and I feel like they own me. You wont have time to find a special someone let alone be able to date them or really get to know them. The money will be good but when will you spend it? You will be either working or sleeping.

Second, I dont know about TK Stanley, but most companies need a trained operator when we are talkiing about heavy equipment. Someone with experience. I operate Backhoes, Dozers, Cranes, Bucket trucks etc… It just depends on what the job calls for and we would never hire an inexperienced operator. Anyways, what Im getting at is that most companies dont want to be the ones to teach you how to operate when it comes to a piece of equipment that costs 100k or more. They will want someone with existing knowledge and skill. Its really not something you can read about and just do. Its like learning to drive a standard, you have to adapt a feel for it.

Good luck in whatever you chose but IMO I think the HR job would be a good choice. Its long term, you have the opportunity to advance and it would give you some OT without killing you. It seems like a really tough choice that will need a lot of thinking so good luck in making your choice.


as far as the money goes I would save it… house, car, college money or put it away for early retirement

ATM I make about 1/2 of what my roomates do, and I BY FAR have the most money of either of them…
I have alway been very good with my money
I got a measly couple thousand in the bank (i usually keep my balances higher) and they some how still find a way to live month to month


If you want to get money and save it, oil job. If you want to get fat and work you way up, stay where you are at. If you want to get alittle more money and get stressed out, go for the CW job. You will get fat at this job too.


I would go for #3, but that’s just me. I couldn’t work in an office all day every day, I would much rather be out doing something. But I have no advice, so I’ll shut up now.


If you are single and work 80-90hrs a week, you probably will remain single. That will give you no time to spend with someone or just hang out and be young. I would do the HR job if that is something you want to get into.


I hate work so I stay her in my office and chat with you guys so I guess I say take the office job


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i am going to go with TK stanley my dad is selling his sweet ass home and I am going to save up and buy the bitch