**I hired a photographer **

He plays paintball as well… so he came out and snapped some pics of me in a scrimage :slight_smile: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/6104/5006734606lrgim.jpg


Cool photos. I used to paintball as well. I had an Angel with a Halo hopper, I had a lot of fun with it – but after a while the team I played with just turned into a bunch of assholes, lol.

Bearcats, baby!

Great shots.:thumbup

Thanks! :smiley:

looks like you had painful fun…lol

Wow cool babe :slight_smile:

id sooo not be taking my camera near paint or balls… but good shots

You had a photographer take pictures…of you playing paintball:eek

My question is…for you to stare at yourself…Or for us?:stuck_out_tongue:

are u sure ur paintballing… u look very clean in all these pics… i think ur just posing with a gun…

Nope I was for sure playing these arnt staged if thats what you think. These pics were the first two games… and I don’t get hit very often… lol hence the sponsorship

Great pics. I like the very first one best.

Awesome pics! It looks like you had fun!

Thanks for the compliments! Yeah the photographer did an awesome job!!