I just dont get it!


I cant seem to figure out exactly what I am suppose to be trying to do on the Typing Master Game. It says to type 10 sentences as fast as you can and I did it and nothing happens. The time just keeps going on and on and I keep on typing and my score says 0 after I sat there and typed sentences for like almost 4 minutes. Am I just a dork, or could somebody please explain it to me?


u have to type what it has posted


Ohhhh, okay. I see now. You’ll have to forgive me. Im a dork :smiley:


its ok I forgive you


I have been playing this game for a while now, and I suck at it! I’ve decided that its not one of my favorite games.


:lol :agree I played it for awhile too and it sucks!


me too lol


I type fast…and cant get MD…grrrr!!!


I thought I typed fast too, but apparently not as fast as whomever has the trophy! :smiley: I realized that my typing skills suck.