I just

finished editing all the pics form the wedding shoot… now i have to give a copy to the model and a copy to the nice lady who loaned us the dress…

im kinda nervous about it… i mean its one thing showing all you guys… over the internets… but i could potentially get work form these ppl… the model will know other models. the lady in the dress shop is a perfect position to show her clients. she said if there good shed put them on her site…

i dunno… ive never done anythign that matters b4… its normally just for my own enjoyment… I DONT WANNA BE ALL GROWN UP!!!

dont be nervous your pics are awesome

That’s awesome! I’m really excited for you!


Hey, if they turn out half as nice as the two you showed us, they will be amazing! You have a lot of talent…not a thing to be nervous about!!

i guess… its not so much a lack of confidence i my work its like… if i do it… im out in the big bad world now… when i was just a comfy little college before where the lecturers look at it n go that nice!. or if i screw up they go… its ok… u can have another go… its just growing up i think… leaving my comfort zone and getting independant…

That is awesome! Not many peopl get this kind of an oppurtunity, the amount of people who i know that gone through art colleges and all the like studied photgraphy for years and came out without a job

Good luck with it all

Life is for the living, regret it for living it not for not living in the moment

ok im gonna do it… the model has the pics now… she said she really likes them… now i just gotta send them to the lady in the dress shop n see if she’ll put them on her site (which tbh the reason we picked her is cos her site is shockingly bad!)

HAHA tactical move lol swiiiiish

it looks like it was designed in the 70s… is she wants young brides coming in she needs something modern and different

kat1 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

yea can see them all form that link

WOW! Stunning work. :clap

i just sent them off to the lady in the wedding dress shop… so yea… thats me officially out of my comfort zone

Great work! Well done :thumbup :slight_smile:

thank you satin

You’re welcome… she’ll love them no doubt. If I were to ever get married, I’d certainly hire you. :nod:

well thank you