I licked her hand and it taste like chicken

Was in clinic today and dentist nurse had her whole hand in my mouth when she was fixing one tooth at back the only way to prevent from sharp tool was to move my tounge and when i did i licked her hand tasted like chicken yum yum

Did you bite her?


I’m making chicken for supper tonight!

eeeeww! :24:

so she ate chicken with rubber gloves on eh?

:D:D:D Sometimes the dipstick and you think alike :stuck_out_tongue:

wheres jimmy and his dipstick? :smiley:

They should make flavored gloves for dentists.

Haha, I like it

The last time i saw him was when he voted for me in the popularity contest. :smiley:

Its about time he did something right for a change :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah, there’s something about Troll that I like. Every time he posts. :slight_smile:

Are you sure it was her hand?

He’s really a nice guy. I am honored he found it within his heart to vote for me :nod: :ninja

they do

Well I think Lexis was penis flavored

And I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say it wasn’t his gloved hand

:eek :yuk

evan that goes back to the thread tim started yesterday

I’m just sayin’…Never allow them to gas you…There’s simply no telling what they are actually sticking in your mouth and capturing for YouTube